About Geeky

As former CEO of an investment company, I have also accumulated decades worth of learning and wisdom. My blog features practical exercises, thoughts from experts in the field, success stories from readers like you who want to learn more about their finances, investment advice on business and home purchases, and much more!

After working in the investment industry for over 30 years, it seems only right for me to share my wealth of experience and knowledge with people who are either looking to get into the investment industry, need help with business or personal finances or those just looking for general business advice. This is what drove me to start my blog.

When you’ve worked for 70 hours a week for 30 years, it’s difficult to adapt to the world of retirement so the blog gave me focus and something to put my energy into and has since become my biggest passion. I spend a lot of time on my blog and ensure the advice i give is precise, actionable and helpful.

I have met some incredible people through this blog, from people just starting out in the business world who needed advice on how to raise investment, to single mothers who needed help organising their finances – and I’ve been able to help all of these people in one way or another.

I cover a wide range of topics on my blog such as:

– How to invest
– How to become an investor
– How to manage business finances
– How to manage personal finances
– How to raise investments
– How to start a business
– Cryptocurrency
– Credit
– Business valuation
– Ways to make money
– Taxes and VAT

If there is something you need help on or are just interested in and you’d like me to cover it on my blog, simply get in touch via the contact form and I’ll get back to you as soon as i can!

trail running

Apart from being a work crazy person, I’m also a father to two grown up boys who are also in the investment world and are eager to get involved in my blog! I also have a wonderful wife who has been a teacher of Philosophy for 30 years and will be joining me in retirement in the next year, so who knows, maybe we will add a history section!

Apart from writing for my blog, I’m also an avid Formula 1 fan and enjoy trail running and ski holidays.

So that’s me – Peter! If you have any questions, simply get in touch and i hope you enjoy my blog.